About us

The ‘DST Solar Energy Harvesting Centre (DSEHC)’ based at IIT Madras carries out research and developmental activities to effectively tap solar energy for catering to Indian requirements. DSEHC is sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DST). IIT Madras is an ideal place for this centre for the following reasons:
  • Several faculty are already working on solar energy research activities; more have joined now to strengthen this endeavor even further;
  • IITM fosters a strong techno-preneurship culture; many technologies developed at this DSEHC are likely to reach commercialization;
  • Strong links to local/national academic and research institutions with whom we partner in the centre activities (active participation from Anna University Chennai, and Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati).


Faculties from

IIT Madras


Faculties from

collaborating institutions

Over 29 faculties from IIT Madras and over 6 faculties from collaborating institutions are involved in this centre. These faculties have backgrounds ranging from the basic sciences (physics, chemistry) to engineering (electrical, materials, mechanical). The objectives of the DSEHC are to take a truly multi-pronged and multi-disciplinary approach with a critical mass of R & D activities related to tapping solar energy. These activities include

  • Development of novel materials
  • Devices,
  • Device deployment and field testing and,
  • Energy and sustainability analysis.

The objectives and deliverables are met via DSEHC activities categorized into four domain areas:

These four domains are be linked via research groups focusing on systems integration.

We are actively looking to collaborate with other industries on relevant topics. Please contact us for discussions.